Top Three Binary Options Trading Signals Review

The concept surrounding the binary options trading signals is quite an easy one and a concept that can be understood easily. As a trader in the binary options sector, it is important that you learn the tricks of predicting the future price on the underlying asset that you plan on making your investment on before the trade expires.

Auto Binary Signals Software
onetime payment of 97$
compatible with any binary option brokers
Binary Option Trading Signals
97.00 USD per 14 days
Can watch & copy a professional trader live in the members area
Binary Matrix Pro Software
One Cent Per Signal
Offer 30,000 free signals costing 300$ - Limited Time Offer

That said however; the binary options trading platform is somewhat relatively new, but over the short time it has been in play, it has gained immense popularity thanks to the high level of monetary and low risks that are associated with this kind of trade.

Furthermore, there are plenty of tools as well as strategies achieved through binary options that allow the trader make the trade as smooth as they can. The binary options signal is one such tool. This particular tool makes it possible for the trader to predict the price in better ways.

Let’s take a look at the three top binary options trading signal software that traders should choose from. All the three software are unbeatable in their own field, you are requested to visit their official websites and choose the one which is most suitable for you.

Auto Binary Signals

auto binary signals

auto binary signals

A piece of software that was created by Roger Pierce & claims that the software has between 80 to 100% leading signals that will help any user make money in the millions!

The beauty of the software is its compatibility with each and every single type of binary option trading platforms. The software calculates both the trade confidence and also the strength of the signal to see whether it will end up becoming a successful trade.

Auto binary signals software gives you (the user) the freedom to select the time frame of digital trading setting the time at 15 minutes or above or selecting the option of turbo options which run in the range of one to five minutes.

The great thing about this software is, its ability to balance and stabilize the platform required for sustained trading profits and many other options. The software can be used efficiently by both a rookie and an expert in the binary options field.

The Features

  • Auto Binary Signals generates signals based on the 5 built in multi-indicator system.
  • The accuracy is 80-100% as declared in their website.
  • Auto Binary Signals is compatible with any binary option brokers.

The Advantages

  • No need to download & install any software as it is completely web based.
  • The price of software is available for onetime payment of 97$ for limited time.


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Binary Option Trading Signals

binary option trading signals

binary option trading signals

This is premium financial trading signal software. The reason why it makes on the top three Binary trading signal options is its ability to offer traders many types of assets, options and many other advanced features to use in their trading sessions.

The provider of the software and services promises users winning rates that are up to 85%. Users using this software get in touch with a real person (Franco) who generates the signals. When trading sessions are on-going, users have the chance of chatting with each other in real time.

The Features

Live trading room, multiple daily signals & learn life changing techniques


The Advantages

Binary Option Trading Signals fee is 97.00 USD per 14 days which worth the money & is proven for its accuracy & techniques. It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee & also you can cancel their service when you wish.

You can watch & copy a professional trader live in the members area earn more profit with confidence.


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Binary Matrix Pro

binary matrix pro

binary matrix pro

This is a desktop based application that steps away from the tradition dealing platforms of charge binary currency. The application has been designed by a team of trading professionals that are highly experienced in the binary options field.

The purpose of the software (Binary Matrix Pro) is to guide and teach users how they can generate an income using the Binary Options platform.

The app has been designed to inform users when to start trading and what needs to be traded. The signals come from the same place the rest of the “big boy” sources come from. The signals are the very same signals used by the big shots of Wall Street making the system very legit.

What’s even better with this program is the fact that there is no need of having technical knowledge to do with dealing currency. There is absolutely no need of creating a website to promote your binary options trade.

The software has been designed to do the entire search (automatically) and get the best deals for the user.

The Features

  • Potential to get $40,000 profit in 8 weeks time with multi time frame profitability feature available in the software.
  • You can watch recent & real wining trades as a proof of win rate above 81% in the video diary section of their official website updated regularly.
  • Generate over 720-750 signals per day.
  • Binary Matrix Pro generates signals for 60 seconds binary options so each trade which ends exactly after 60 seconds.
  • Binary Matrix Pro recommends top rated brokers depending on the service availability in your area. You will have access with those brokers after you open account with Binary Matrix Pro.
  • Binary Matrix Pro comes in 8(eight) languages which is much easier for non-English speaking people to work with Binary Matrix Pro.

The Advantages

  • Binary Matrix Pro is approved by third party independent trading account verification service called Binary
  • Comes in three versions:
  1. Window version
  2. Web-base version compatible with any modern web browser.
  3. Android App from Google Play Store for any Android  Device
  • Offer 30,000 free signals costing 300$ instead of regular $75 for limited time can make you richer before you really purchase any signals from Binary Matrix Pro by using your credit card.


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100% Banc De Binary Deposit Bonus

Banc De Binary BonusBinary options are getting big. This simple method of making money through direction-based trading is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. If you’re looking to profit from trading, you’ll want to try out the top-rated, licensed firm, Banc De Binary, who is offering a 100% deposit bonus to all of its new traders!

How do I claim my Banc De Binary bonus?

In order to avail the bonus first you have to sign up & open a free trading account with Banc De Binary following this link. Then simply fund your Banc De Binary trading account in the same way that you would for any online purchase (credit or debit card, bank wire transfer, or online payment methods like Skrill). You’ll need the minimum of $250 so that you can take full advantage of the assets movements, from gold and oil, to the euro and dollar, to Facebook stock or the Nasdaq. Then ask for your bonus and sign to receive it – your account manager will sort everything out for you and will immediately add the bonus to your trading account balance. You’ll start trading with double the funds in your account! For example if you deposit $500, and receive a $500 bonus, you have $1k to trade with.

Banc De Binary 100% Bonus

That’s perfect! But is there a catch?

Let us discuss Banc De Binary bonus terms and conditions. A bonus can give you an amazing trading advantage but it is important to understand that Banc De Binary gives these bonuses in exchange for a long-term commitment from the trader. In order to withdraw the bonus you must do the following: 20 X (deposit + bonus). Example: You deposited $250 and got $250 as a bonus. You will need to have a turnover of $500 X 20 = $10,000 turnover in order to withdraw your deposit, bonus & all winning money.

Banc De Binary Bonus Withdrawal

If you take a bonus, only after you reach the required amount of trading, you can withdraw the full value of your trading account, including the bonus and winnings you may have. Remember that your trading may be more successful and profitable since you start with double. If you refuse the bonus, you can withdraw the full amount in your account at any time, including winnings. You don’t have to trade a set amount but obviously then you never have the chance to take the bonus money. So this is why many people take a bonus – on balance they see that there are more advantages.

Claim Your Banc De Binary 100% Special Promotional Bonus Offer Now.

Profit with Straddle Strategy in Binary Options Trading

binary options strategyBinary options traders adopt various strategies in order to achieve maximum profit from binary options trading. Straddle strategy is one of the good strategy among them to predict any asset like stocks, currencies, commodities and indices in binary trading.

One of the senior analysts at Banc De Binary told us that a technique which is very popular among traders, and is most effectively applied in times of market volatility, is a strategy called The Straddle.

Profit from Volatility

Ever heard old-hand investors complain about market volatility? One of the great advantages of binary option trading and a key reason why people are flocking to trade with this new online method, is that it allows you to make money in both bullish and bearish markets. So don’t be afraid of market volatility – embrace it and see the fluctuations as opportunities to make even more money!

Before you read on, here’s a quick disclaimer: a binary option straddle is not the same way as a common forex strategy known as the straddle. So if you used to trade forex, put aside your preconceptions. Both have in common that you place multiple trades, but they are differences in the strategies. We will explain the binary option straddle from afresh.

How the Binary Options Straddle Strategy Works

Typically, once you are logged in to a trading platform such as the top-rated Banc De Binary, you can place trades on whether an asset, like gold, or the EUR/USD or Apple, will go up or down in the timeframe of your choice. You will make around 70% for each winning prediction.

The straddle strategy is best used when the market is steadily volatile, meaning that an asset value is moving up and down at regular time intervals such as in the graph below. The strategy can be used for any asset.

Stradel Strategy In Binary Option TradingThe trick is to place anup trade when the asset is at a low point and to place a down trade when the asset is at a high point. You arrange the timings so that if the trend continues, both trades will expire at around the same time in the middle of the high and the low points.

For example, if you see the graph above, with the current time being 15.30, you would place a down trade for 45 minutes time, to expire at 16.15. Then, when the asset value reaches a low point in about half an hour at 16.00 (because these are the time intervals of the high and low points in this particular scenario), you would place an up trade for 15 minutes. If the trend continues, when both trades expire at 16.15, the asset value will be in the middle of the high and low points.

Double the Reward & Minimize the Risk

A great side point about this strategy is that even if the market trend changes and the trades do not finish between the high and low points because the asset values shifts for whatever reason that you couldn’t have predicted, you should still have one of the two trades that ends in the money. As a result, losses are kept to an absolute minimum. And of course, main advantage is that if the trade goes to plan, both trades win and you have just doubled your profit. That’s why the strategy is so popular.

Keep an eye out for market volatility and make money straddle style!

To trade on Banc De Binary licensed and award-winning platform, please click here.

Banc De Binary Review

Banc De Binary is an EU regulated binary options trading platform. Your sensitive financial information and money are in secure hands, whether you trade from your laptop or mobile phone. Whether you’re an Apple or Android aficionado, Banc De Binary have free apps for you to trade effortlessly on.

Banc De Binary (sometime called as Bbinary) is registered with Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and other various regulatory bodies in EU countries. Having over 2.5lakhs online accounts in 100 countries, Banc De Binary has been emerged as one of the leader in online binary trading.

Educate Yourself with Expert Tips

Whether you want to educate yourself with the educational video tutorials or official blog with all the latest, greatest financial market trading tips; or you just want to read up on the certified financial analyst’s signals, you’re in good hands with Banc De Binary.

No matter how new you are to the game of trading on the markets, from complete novice, to expert – Banc De Binary has a place for you on their platform. Everything is simply lain out and below is an example of the weekly expert market news, which might turn out to literally be worth your weight in gold!

Sneak peeks at the week ahead, forecast for your good fortune.

Banc De Binary Reviews on How Does The Platform Work For You?

Now, some of you might know the basic binary options trading platforms…the goal is the same – click Call or Put (Up or Down) on the asset (Gold, FTSE, EUR/USD – any of the 100 different market trades available)and Bob’s Your Uncle. The main difference with Banc De Binary is the award winning service and complete adherence to licensing requirements, not to mention being the first to the regulated table in the financial market binary trading field. All that and returns on your trades of up to 91%!

Banc De Binary  Review

As you can see, the platform is super easy on the eye and instructions for how to actually make your trades are clearly shown and everything is nicely labelled. It’s even easier than following a SatNav to your destination!

Different Trading Options Are the Variety of Life

There are 5 different trading styles on the platform, across the commodities, indices, currencies and stocks. That means 5 different styles of trading – firstly there’s one of my favorites – for those of us with little patience and little time to waste – 60 Second Options. These are also a great way to get you familiarized with your new binary options platform. You call whether you will see the asset go up or down (Call or Put) and within a minute you could be in the money!

With 100 different assets to trade on, you may be getting overwhelmed, especially if these are all entirely new concepts for you – trading the markets to make a profit – so you may want to take advantage of the Educational Tutorial created for beginners like you, and anyone who wants a quick refresher course.

Or you may just want to dive in to the One Touch options, where you can make up to 500% with just one touch of a button. This tab has higher rewards and so more potential for winning, but you will need to not only call up or down (call or put), but also asset value. 

Getting Started – Opening an Account With Banc De Binary Minimum Deposit

Banc De Binary Demo Account

Opening your Banc De Binary account means putting your hard earned cash into safe hands (and giving yourself the opportunity to earn some easier cash too!) All financial details are encrypted with the same SSL technology that all financial institutions use and you can deposit 24/7 using your credit card, bank wire transfer or favourite third party method, like Money bookers. Remember, despite the $250 minimum deposit amount, you can get started trading on Banc De Binary’s platform with amounts as little as $1 per trade, and they’re insured with Lloyds too, so it’s really the safest way to explore the financial markets and see if you’ve got what it takes to be the new wolf of Wall Street!

Banc De Binary Demo Account & Bonus Offer a Essential Tool for Success

All Banc De Binary account holders shall have a privilege of $50,000 demo account, daily market analysis, and the one-to-one educational service. In order to be more conversant & to be successful with binary trading system Banc De Binary Demo Account is a very essential tool for the traders.

Banc De Binary also provides 100% matching deposit bonus to the new traders, you can also check their terms & condition to avail the same.

Banc De Binary Reviews

Banc De Binary Withdrawal Process

Banc De Binary withdrawal process is as easy as funding your trading account.  You can withdraw through different options like Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Moneybookers & AlertPay. All the transactions are made through EV-SSL securities in a secured environment. The withdrawal process in all the methods take around a week time and take an average 2-5 days.

Banc De Binary Review: Customer Support

Another reason to choose Banc De Binary over any other platform is the amazing award winning team you’ll have behind you, supporting you with everything from depositing to understanding market signals. Every trading analyst is board certified and when you put them all together, there are more years of university level education amongst them than any other platform out there.  Banc De Binary customer support can contacted through email, live chat & telephone. Apart from the support from the corporate office, they have also local contact details in various countries like United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, Untied Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brazil.

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